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Cat Tree Tower for Large Cats, Cat House with Scratching Tree Made from Coffee Wood and Water Hyacinth Brand

Cat Tree Tower for Large Cats, Cat House with Scratching Tree Made from Coffee Wood and Water Hyacinth Brand

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Product Description

Cat Tower for Big Cats, Cat House with Scratching Tree Made from Coffee Wood and Water Hyacinth Brand

Cat Tree is a unique creative product designed and implemented by artisans based on handicrafts. It is designed with a cat house made from water hyacinth, an underwater plant that is dried and woven into the shape of a unique, completely natural cat house. With the perfect combination of water hyacinth cat house and coffee tree branches, it has a solid structure and high load capacity for cats up to 15Kg, preserving wonderful moments with your pet. Coffee tree branches are a special type of wood with a minimum lifespan of 15 years before being cut down to replace newly grown coffee trees, an agricultural product in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Company is a strategic development partner in the handicraft industry in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, specializing in producing products related to coffee wood such as Dog chew, cat tree, Dog tug...

Coffee branches are cut after harvest season

This is a rich source of raw materials used to produce cat house towers with coffee tree branches with a diameter of 8cm or more.

The wonderful thing about coffee wood that few people know

The excellent properties of coffee wood are also an important factor. Virtually no pesticides, pesticides or other toxic chemicals that affect your pets are left behind.

  • The coffee wood grain is retained with a smooth finish

Why choose coffee trees?

The main component of a cat house tower is made from coffee wood

Because the Coffee tree is a very typical agricultural product of the Central Highlands, Vietnam, and every year people in this region often have to prune tree branches to take care of the tree.

In addition, coffee trees are usually destroyed and replanted after 25 to 30 years. This is an extremely rich and especially optimal resource for making handicraft products for pets such as Coffee Wood Dog chew, Coffee Tug, Cat Trees...

  • Safe, durable over time, natural coffee scent and many superior features

The process of producing cat houses from water hyacinth by artisans

Choose hyacinth plants that are good and long enough

At this stage, it is necessary to choose good and long water hyacinth plants. Normally, mature water hyacinth stems are 50 - 70 cm long. When picked up, the roots are cut off and the leaves are dried to become woven materials for export.

After being picked up, the water hyacinth will have its leaf tips cut off and dried.

This is a very meticulous process because in addition to cutting leaves, water hyacinth plants need to be selected with a length of 70cm or more to ensure the subsequent weaving process.

Dried water hyacinths are collected and delivered to wicker craftsmen

Although water hyacinth lives in water, water hyacinth plants when dried have a beautiful golden color and are suitable for many handicraft industries.

Let's see how they perfected a cat cage product from water hyacinth

We will need an iron frame to fix it, next we will weave water hyacinth plants together around the iron frame to shape and create a perfect cat house.

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