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Manual Corner Rounder Die Cutter with Paper-Pressing Device 30Mm Cutting Height Heavy Duty for Printing Packaging Industry

Manual Corner Rounder Die Cutter with Paper-Pressing Device 30Mm Cutting Height Heavy Duty for Printing Packaging Industry

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Product Description
Manual Corner rounder Cutter
This corner rounder heavy duty machine is designed for cutting corners of business cards, books, documents, certificates, PVC cards for bags and notebooks, etc. Cutting Height: 30mm(1.18"), Fillet Radius: R3, R4, R6, R8, R10(Only Provide R6, R10, others-Please purchasing separately). All-metal material, the corner punch rounder machine is heavy-duty. Premium blades have sharp edges, improving the fast cutting speed.
  • Product Parameter

  • Premium Quality

  • Excellent Handle

  • Paper-Pressing Device

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Key Features
Extra Long Handle
The handle has been lengthened to make it more ergonomic. Lever principle makes cutting easier and more convenient.
Paper-pressing Device
Specially designed a paper pressing device, which can effectively prevent the stacked books from sliding down, and ensure that the rounded corners are sized neatly.
Adjustable Baffles
Adjustable baffles are designed on both sides of the lower blade. Able to better fix the centerline of the cut corner so that the paper does not shift under double fixation.
Lifting Support Column
The pillar made of metal has a better and stronger supporting force, which can make the operation of the handle more convenient and efficient.
Iron-casting Base
Equipped with a solid iron-casting base to ensure the stability of the corner cutter rounder, it can still be stable in the process of cutting.
Wide Application
The paper corner rounder is ideal for cutting business cards, photos, booklets, notepads, photographic film, plastic cards, magnet sheets, thin aluminum sheet, etc.
  • Cutting Height: 30mm(1.18")

  • Fillet Radius: R3, R4, R6, R8, R10(Only Provide R6, R10 , others-Please purchasing seperately)

  • Dimension: 260mm×160mm×168mm(10"×6"×7")

  • Net Weight: 9KG (19.8LB)

  • Color: Gray(main) / Light White

Package Content
  • 1 x English Manual

  • 1 x Allen Wrench

  • 1 x Main Unit with 2 Blades(R6 R10-Random)

  • 1 x Paper-Holding Press Tool installed on the Machine

Features & Details
  • 【PRODUCT PARAMETER】- Cutting height: 30MM (1.18 "), only provide standard cutting dies: R6 (1/4"), R10 (3/8 "), Note: R6 fillet radius is 6MM, R10 fillet radius is 10MM. Other round corner cutting dies: R3, R4, R8, please purchase by yourself.

  • 【PREMIUM QUALITY】- The whole corner cutter is heavy duty with metal structure. The high-quality blade has sharp edges, fast cutting speed, and high efficiency. And the iron-casting base provides good stability.

  • 【EXCELLENT HANDLE】- The longer handle is more ergonomic than the ordinary handle. According to the lever principle, it is more labor-saving, easy to cut, and with higher efficiency.

  • 【PAPER-PRESSING DEVICE】- The paper-pressing device of the corner rounder can effectively prevent the cutting paper from slipping, especially for PVC materials or business cards with prominent effects.

  • 【MULTIPLE APPLICATION】- Manual round corner cutter is widely used for fillet-cutting of business cards, books, package and decoration, documents, certificates, bags, and notebooks' PVC cards, etc. It applies to paper, cardboard, film, PVC certificates, leather, etc.Suitable for professional printing companies,typing and photocopying shops, banner processing factory and wedding celebration companies.

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